I'm currently accepting students for upcoming beginner hoop dance classes starting in spring '18! If you're interested in starting or continuing your hoop journey, or you just want to check it out, please fill out this form and I will be in touch with you soon!

Vodu Hoops

Vodu Hoops is a pop-up hoop shop that specializes in a line of remarkably hand-crafted hula hoops styled, ’Diaspora Hoops’. This line of hoops celebrates our diversity within the African culture by offering specialty taped hoops that represent the vibrant colors of the various countries in the Diaspora. In a time of racial tension, and in a city that thrives on black culture, the brand of ‘Vodu Hoops’ was notably chosen to pay respect to the sanctity and divinity of Vodou.

International Flow Arts Day- St. Louis Chapter

International Flow Arts Day (IFAD) STL 2017 WAS A GREAT SUCCESS! It wasn't much, but the goal was to get out there and spread the love of flow arts with our community, AND WE DID! Thank you to every one that came out and made it such a great day. Now, we're gearing up for IFAD 2018! If you're interested in being a part of the team, contact me via email at I'm excited to see what kind of things we can come up with this year!

Want more info on what exactly IFAD is?

Check out the IFAD website!


I am always looking for new and exciting people and projects to work on to expand my photography skills. If you're interested in modeling, have an idea for a photoshoot, or need a photographer for an event, please contact me via email at

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