Who is Hoopsie?

About me

Hey y'all! My name is Dee Drenning, also known as HoopsieDee, Hoopsie, and now, Hoopsie the Artist. 

I'm a St. Louis region born and raised multidisciplinary artist, as I tend to dive deeply into the art and mediums I start to dabble in. As a United States Navy veteran, I take those experiences, lessons, and core values of honor courage and commitment with me in different aspects of my life. While serving in the Navy, I took up hula hooping as a form of self care and therapy, which later became a hobby turned into a profession. After an honorable discharge in 2015, I returned to the St. Louis region to become dedicated to my art, my education, and community work. That year I began my dance career in the local burlesque scene and have since taken my hula hoop acts to many stages across the STL region under the name HoopsieDee. I also take my talents to do work in our community with things like teaching hoop dance classes to kids and adults at the St. Louis School of Burlesque and Variety, teaching summer circus camp around town at our local parks, and throwing meetup events for roller skaters and flow artists.
Taking my art to different avenues and ares, I enrolled into University of Missouri - S. Louis, fall of 2018. During my time at UMSL I’ve let my curiosities lead me in my education. In doing that, I’ve allowed myself to become more diverse in the things I learn and absorb, the people I meet, and my own learning style. New ideas start flowing with every person I meet and topic I pick up! I’ve also used this as an opportunity to create new projects, like the Decolonizing Art History podcast, which takes a look at how systems of systemic racism and colonization affect the art and history we encounter today and have encountered throughout history. Throughout my time at UMSL I’ve had the pleasure of serving as the president of Artists Anonymous, a small student organization that aims to support local artists and art students through collaboration and guidance. 

Outside of my academics, I also serve on the board of the St. Louis chapter of AIGA as the STL By Design podcast co-host, I am a member of the Rho Nu Society art collective, I am a member of the Radiant Rebels burlesque troupe, I’m a happy member of the Michelle Mynx Pole Academy family, and I am dedicated mom and husband. 

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