Written by Meghan N. Chadeayne, photo by Emma Connell

Dee “HoopsieDee” Drenning has rarely put a limit on herself. As a Black, queer, woman, there are many instances where society said she should. Instead, Dee explores her focal point as a multidisciplinary artist; investigating aspects of humanity and personal growth through her art. Reflecting on her duty as a mother, to her young daughter, and what it means to actively engage as a member of the St. Louis, MO community. Dee is a performance artist in a vast sense, it’s her genuine nature and colorful personality that shines through her creative endeavors - whether that’s pole, hula hooping, skating, printmaking, or other forms of visual and audio media. 

There’s no lack of avenues for this artist; also an anthropology scholar, who digs into the artifacts of society and pursues research, both professional and personal, into the adult industry, citing its influence on black women. Throughout her journey, Dee finds reflection is best considered through self-expression, working as a crossroad for intersectionality. This being a main theme that presents in all her artworks. And while arts and humanities play a pivotal role in this artist’s life, her magnum opus will be from bona fide experience, through recognition of society’s humanity, its beauties and flaws, and how she engulfs herself in it to the fullest extent possible. 

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